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Microbiology SOP

Following are the useful SOPs for Microbiology. This site is updated on regular basis so visit again and share it.

SOP for Bioburden Test for Clean Area

SOP for Validation of Laminar Air Flow

SOP for Operation & Cleaning of Universal Incubator UN-260

SOP for Operation of Microscope

SOP for Operation of Particle Counter

SOP for Cleaning and Sanitation of Microbiology Lab/Sterility Room

SOP for Bacterial Endotoxin Test

SOP for Cleaning, Operation and Monitoring of Laminar Air Flow Unit

SOP for Autoclave Validation and Challenge Testing

SOP For Bowie Dick Test

SOP for Preparation of Culture Media

SOP for Destruction of Culture Media

SOP for Growth Promotion Test

SOP for Air Settling Plates Technique

SOP for Fumigation of Microbiology Laboratory

SOP for Microbial Limit Test by Pour Plate Method

SOP for Out of specification (OOS) result in Microbiological Analysis

SOP for Preparation of Microbial Plates

SOP for Sampling of Sterile Raw Material

SOP for Culture Media Preparation for Microbial Test

SOP for Sterility Testing

SOP for Microbiological Testing of Raw Materials, Packing Material, Finished Product & Stability Samples

SOP for Environmental Monitoring Procedure in Production, R&D and Microbiology Laboratory

SOP for Neutralization of Inhibitory Substances

SOP for Efficacy Test Procedure of Antimicrobial Preservatives

SOP for Preparation and Sterilization of Microbial Media

SOP for Validation of Steam Sterilization

SOP for Transfer of Materials to Sterile Areas

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