SOP for Routine and Preventive Maintenance Facemask Making Machine

To lay down the procedure for the routine and preventive maintenance of the Facemask Making Machine.

The procedure applies to the Face mask-making machine located in the face mask manufacturing division.

Officer/Executive Production: Shall be responsible for the routine maintenance of the machine.
Officer/ Executive Engineering: Shall be responsible for the preventive maintenance of the Face Mask Making Machine.
Manager-Maintenance: To ensure that the procedure is properly followed.

  • The machine must be completely disconnected before maintenance.
  • In order to extend the life of the machine, prevent failure and to achieve the best results, the daily maintenance of the machine is necessary. If the machine is used more frequently (more than 4 hours per day), it is recommended that professional maintenance be carried out every three months, no more than 4 hours per day, and complete maintenance every six months. (Depending on site, environment and product).
  • However, operators themselves will be responsible for small amounts of maintenance work which must be carried out frequently following outline of these activities.
  • The machine must be completely powered off before maintenance and the power plug removed from the wall socket.
  • If the machine is not functioning correctly or makes a lot of strange noises, turn off the power immediately and investigate the cause.
  • Non-professionals are not allowed to perform large-scale maintenance work.
  • If work for more than 10 hours in the summer or daily, measures such as air-cooled or water-cooled ultrasonic components should be taken.

Standard Maintenance Periodic Table

Cycle Time

Maintain Content


Clean the machine housing with a damp cloth to remove foreign material attached to the ultrasonic assembly.

Clean the ear rope powder that remains at the shear rope with a semi-wet cloth.

Do not use a high-voltage cleaner.

Each week

Check the machine for any noise

Each Month

Check whether the machine's individual detection switches are faulty and grease the gears at the meshing

SOP: Standard operating procedures
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