SOP for Preventive and Routine Maintenance of UV Sterilizer

To lay down the procedure for the routine and preventive maintenance of UV Sterilizer.

The procedure applies to the UV Sterilizer located in the face mask manufacturing division.

Officer/Executive Production: Shall be responsible for the routine maintenance of the machine
Officer/Executive Engineering: Shall be responsible for the preventive maintenance of the machine.
Manager-Maintenance: To ensure that the procedure is followed correctly.

  • After each use of the equipment, the equipment should be cleaned;
  • Anti-corrosion measures should always be paid attention to the spray coating of the equipment to prevent corrosion, and anti-rust oil should be used on the outer surface of the equipment
  • If the machine is used for a long time, lubricating oil should be added regularly to the machine transmission parts.
  • The motor needs to be inspected and cleaned frequently so that ash cannot accumulate on the motor casing to affect the normal operation of the motor.
  • When the motor is running, if there is abnormal noise or surface temperature abnormality (temperature greater than 70 ℃), it should be stopped immediately for an inspection.
  • If the motor seat fasteners are loose and displaced, they should be reset; if there is a lack of lubricating oil, calcium and sodium-based grease can be used for lubrication.
  • Please do not assemble and disassemble electrical components and equipment parts at will, so as not to damage the electrical control circuit and cause human failure of the equipment to affect its performance.
  • The precision instrument of this machine should be operated and maintained by a dedicated person.

Standard Maintenance Periodic Table:





Check for any scratches or marks on the machine.

Check for belt tension.

Check the machine for any noise.

Check UV lamps if all lamps are working.

Check the speed of motor

Check working of blower fans

Each Week

Check for conveyor belt tightness.

Check for loose bolts and nuts on machine mouting.

Check the functionality of UV lamps.

Check the motor temperature

Check if all the fans are working.

Check for loose connections on power supply cable terminals.

Check for the signs of shorting on terminal connection.

Every 3 months

Check for rollers integrity, tightness, movement and cleanliness.

Check for belt wear.

Check pillar block bearings and lubricate it.

Check chain and sprocket for wear and lubricate it.

Check for mounting bolts on conveyor belt.

Check the tension adjusting studs for wear and replace it if necessary.

Check gear box oil and replace if necessary.











Check UV lamps and replace if necessary.

Check motor for smooth running.

Check the earthing.

SOPs: Standard operating procedures
No.: Number.
UV: Ultra Violet
℃: Degree Celsius


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