SOP for Operation and Cleaning of UV Sterilizer

To lay down the procedure for the operation and cleaning of the UV Sterilizer.

Officer/Executive Production: Shall be responsible for the operation and cleaning of UV Sterilizer.
Manager-Production: To ensure that the procedure is properly followed.

The procedure applies to the UV Sterilizer located in the face mask manufacturing division.


Panel operation process
  • Connect the power cord to the power supply correctly.
  • Close the main switch, the power indicator lights, press the power start button, the machine is in standby.
  • Close the motor switch, the mesh belt runs, please adjust the speed adjustment knob according to the product requirements, so that the mesh belt runs at a suitable speed.
  • Press the UV lamp start switch as needed, and the machine will start working normally after five minutes.
  • When shutting down, press the UV lamp stop button, the machine will shut down automatically after cooling for five minutes.
  • Turn on the UV lamp immediately after shutting down. It is normal to not turn on the lamp. Wait until the UV lamp cools down.

Dismantling and replacing the UV lamp
  • Turn off the main power, open the door of the UV machine, unscrew the screw to remove the cable connection of the light box, gently pull out the light box and place it on the worktable, then fold down the UV lamp at both ends.
  • Pull the lamp out of the lamp clip and install the new UV lamp (note that you cannot directly touch the luminous part of the UV lamp and the reflective lens with your hands to avoid stains affecting the luminous effect, it is recommended to wear gloves to operate).

UV lamp height adjustment
  • When the temperature is high or the intensity of the UV lamp is weak, the adjustment hand wheel on the UV box can be rotated to adjust.
  • Rotate clockwise to increase the UV lamp, the radiation temperature of the material can be effectively reduced, and the light intensity is correspondingly reduced, otherwise the temperature is increased and the light intensity is increased (note the upper and lower limits).

Net belt deviation adjustment
  • The tension and position of the mesh belt is adjusted to a moderate level.
  • After a period of use, due to temperature effects and uneven internal tension, the mesh belt may deviate an adjustable screw (usually at both ends of the conveyor belt).
  • When the deviation is found, the screw at the deviation should be adjusted to tighten the mesh belt, or adjust the screw on the other side of the same roller to loosen it (note that the adjustment of the conveyor belt can drive the workpiece to run without slipping. It will reduce the service life of the transmission mechanism and the conveyor belt. If it is loose, it will slip and will not move the workpiece.

  • After each use of the equipment, the equipment should be cleaned.
  • The motor needs to be inspected and cleaned frequently so that ash cannot accumulate on the motor casing to affect the normal operation of the motor.
  • Surrounding should be free from flammable, explosive and corrosive substances.

SOP: Standard operating procedures
No. : Number.
UV: Ultra Violet


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