SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Face mask Packing Machine

To lay down the procedure for the operation and cleaning of the Facemask Packing Machine.

The procedure applies to the Facemask Packing Machine located in the facemask manufacturing division.

Officer/Executive Production: Shall be responsible for the operation and cleaning of the Facemask Packing Machine.
Manager-Production: To ensure that the procedure is properly followed.


  • Turn on the power switch and the power LIGHT will get on.
  • Packing Material suitable for the machine must be used.
  • Put the roll into the discharge mechanism and adjust the excellent volume to the machine's center.
  • Pass the material through the guide rollers. Then pass it through guide plates and lastly through drawing rollers.
  • Set the length of material, cutting position, and length of plastic bag on HMR.
  • Set the correct parameters for the machine and start-up commissioning.
  • After all parts have been debugged, press the start switch to turn on the machine.
  • The machine will automatically complete all the set procedures, including feeding, sealing and cutting.
  • The emergency stop switch can be pressed to completely stop the machine. When the emergency stop switch is pressed, the machine stops all work.

  • Clean the machine housing with a damp cloth to remove foreign materials.
  • Do not use a high-voltage cleaner.
  • The powdery residue at the cutting requires a gun vacuum cleaner or wipes with a clean semi-wet cloth.

SOP: Standard operating procedures
No. : Number
HMI: Human Machine Interface


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