SOP for In-Process Quality Control Checks for Facemask Production

  • To outline areas, activities, and parameters that need to be checked during mask production and packing operations.
  • Ensure correct and documented time intervals are followed during in-process checking.
  • Ensure that any non-conformances are tackled promptly so that corrective and preventive action is taken immediately.

The procedure applies to all the in-process controls to be undertaken during mask production and packing.

  • It is the joint responsibility of the operators and the QC Executives to follow the procedure as per this SOP.
  • The supervisor shall ensure that the procedure is being followed as per this SOP.
  • The QA Manager and the Production manager should ensure that appropriate corrective actions are taken whenever a problem is encountered to attain a Quality product.


anufacturing Operations:
  • Ensure that all the fabrics for mask production are identified by labels, and weights indicated and signed for.
  • Check for completeness of document such that all stages are signed for.
  • Ensure machine settings are correct and proper.
  • Perform the following checks on the mask:
  1. Appearance (Color of the outer and inner layer).
  2. Number of layers
  3. Folds on the mask
  4. Dimensions (length and width).
  5. Nose bridge insertion
  6. Ultrasonic welding of fabric
  7. Ear loop welding
  8. Machine speed

Packing Operations:
  • Check the following during packing operations:
  1. The general appearance of the packages.
  2. Whether the quantities of the contents are as per pack size.
  3. Whether the correct packaging materials are being used.
  4. Whether coding of the dispenser.
  5. Use of security seal tape on dispensers
  • The frequency of in-process checks shall be as stipulated in BPR.

BMR: Batch Manufacturing Records
BPR: Batch Packaging Record
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
IPQC: In-process Quality Control
QC: Quality Control


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