SOP for Control and Disposal of Rejected Materials for Facemask

  • To ensure that rejected masks are segregated from the rest of the materials, stored in a restricted rejects quarantine awaiting a decision on whether to reprocess or destroy them.
  • To ensure that rejected fabrics and packaging materials are not used for production and rejected masks don’t find their way to the market.
  • To ensure that materials for destruction are disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner in compliance with National and Municipal by-laws.

This procedure shall apply to all the rejected and non-conforming items which cover the following:
  • Rejected fabrics and packaging materials.
  • Rejected masks.
  • Retention samples that would have exceeded expiry date by one year.
  • Expired masks

Q.A Manager
  • Ensure that rejected materials are labelled as such and kept in the designated areas.
  • Coordinating activities for the final disposal.
  • Ensuring that rejected materials are kept under lock and key to avoid intentional or unintentional use.

QC Manager
  • Compiling the list of rejected materials and raising the destruction certificate.

Plant Manager
  • Approval of the destruction certificate


Raw and Packaging Materials
  • These can be rejected on receipt when they do not meet specifications or if they are damaged.
  • Those that can be sent back to the supplier will be sent, the ones that can’t will be destroyed after due clearance from the supplier.
  • The details of the rejected materials shall be entered in the rejects book.
  • The Supply and Logistics Manager shall advise the supplier so that appropriate action taken.

Intermediates and Finished products that cannot be reprocessed
  • These should be positively identified and the REJECT sticker affixed, quantities recorded in the rejects book and the batch record and locked up in the Rejects Area.

QA Retention Samples
  • The QC Assistant shall identify the retention samples that have exceeded the labelled expiry date by at least a year. These should be rejected awaiting destruction.

Expired Products
  • These should be affixed REJECTED labels awaiting destruction.

  • Destruction shall be conducted at least once a year.
  • The Assistant Manager –QC shall raise a destruction certificate (Attachment 2) listing all the materials for destruction.
  • The certificate shall be checked by Q.A. Manager, and verified by the Plant manager.
  • It shall be sent to the Financial Controller for the costing of the rejected items.
  • After costing the destruction has to be approved by the General Manager.
  • Once destruction has been approved the Q.A. Manager shall contact the Environmental Officer from City Council and an Inspector from PMPB.
  • A date for disposal shall be set and destruction will take place as per the Environmental Officer’s recommendations.
  • The Q.A Manager and Warehouse Manager or their designate need to be present to witness the disposal.
  • The Destruction shall be conducted by the City Council and supervised by the Inspector from the regulatory body.
  • After all parties are satisfied about the destruction process, a destruction certificate shall be issued by the City Council.

Attachment 1: Non-Conformance Advice Note
Attachment 2: Destruction Certificate

Q.A: Quality Assurance


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