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SOP for Calibration of Water Proof Hand Held TDS Meter

This SOP describes the procedure for Calibration of Water Proof Hand Held TDS Meter.

This SOP applies to the Calibration of Water Proof Hand Held TDS Meter.

It is the responsibility of QC Executives to follow the procedure without deviation.

Assistant Manager – Quality Control
Manager – Quality Assurance

Kindly inspect the equipment for any signs of damage and verify that you have received all the equipment.

  • Remove the protection cap from the meter to rinse the electrode with clean water and wipe it dry and replace the protective cap at end of usage.
  • Take a Standard solution at 25°C. Dip the electrode into the standard solution & stir gently until the display is stabilized. Adjust the reading by turning the trimmer Span in the battery compartment located on top of the meter with a screwdriver.

  • Calibration is not necessary before each usage, but it should be performed every two weeks or after 10 times of usage.
  • Don't touch or wipe the surface of an inner black sensor of the conductivity cell.
  • Change a new battery when the display fades or flashes.

  • After calibration, rinse the electrode with clean water and wipe it dry. Dip the electrode into the sample solution to be measured. Stir gently and wait until a stable reading can be obtained.
  • After measurement, rinse the electrode with clean water and replace the protective cap.

For AM-TDS-01 readings should be multiplied by a factor 10 for the TDS Value.


Battery replacement
  1. Loosen the battery compartment counterclockwise.
  2. Remove the old Lithium battery CR2032 and note the polarity.
  3. Replace the battery according to the polarity & close the battery compartment cap tightly.

Electrode replacement
  1. Unscrew the electrode collar clockwise, and remove it completely.
  2. Pull the electrode module out from the tester.
  3. Plug in new electrode module into the tester socket carefully.
  4. Replace and tighten the electrode collar to make a good seal.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
QC: Quality Control

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