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SOP for Operation Digital Automatic Tap Density Apparatus

To provide a procedure for the Operation & Maintenance of Digital Automatic Tap Density Apparatus

To establish a procedure for the operation of the Digital Automatic Tap Density Apparatus.

QA Executive

  • Keep the instrument on a study level and near to the electric connections
  • Fix the connectors to the sockets as explained in the instruction Manual. Connect the main unit to 230m V 50 Hz Mains supply.
  • Switch on the instrument, 4 line LCD display becomes ON.
  • Press EDIT key and program the Test file for the sample explained in the instruction Manual.
  • Pass the sample through 1 mm screen.
  • The cylinder must be absolutely dry from inside.
  • Weigh the desire quantity of the sample and fill it into the cylinder
  • Carefully level the sample without compacting and read the volume.
  • Place the cylinder in its holder and mount it on the USP-I or USP –II port as per the test selected. Cover the unused port with the PVC Stopper supplied with the instrument.
  • Ensure that the S.S. Rod of the holder is clean. Otherwise clean it properly.
  • Apply a drop of oil if necessary.

  • Press START key and select the test file for the sample under test.
  • Program operator Name, Batch No. and sample ID
  • Enter the weight and Un-settled Volume of the sample
  • Press start for initial tapping and observe that the cylinder is tapped After initial tapping is over, read the volume of the sample and enter it
  • Press START for initial tapping, after final tapping is over read the volume of the sample and enter it.
  • The instrument calculates the percentage Difference in volume between two successive tapping if the difference is less than 2% then the instrument give the message. TEST OVER,
  • The instrument calculates Bulk Density, Tapped Density, Compressibility Index and Hausner Ration of the sample.
  • If the difference is more than 2% then the instrument continues the test further tapping till the Percentage difference in volume between two successive tapping is less than 2%
  • After completion of testing, clean the measuring cylinder & instrument
  • Follow the above steps as and when an instrument is used

As and when required.



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