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SOP for Depyrogeration Method and Washing of Test Tubes for BET

To lay down the procedure for the Depyrogenation method and washing of test tubes for BET.

This SOP applies to carrying out the procedure of the Depyrogenation method and washing of test tubes for BET in a microbiology laboratory.

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  • First, wrap the head of the individual tube and then wrap a set of 20 assay tubes properly with aluminum foil to cover the whole tube.
  • Place the tubes in a hot air oven and operate the hot air oven. Close the door and set the temperature of the hot air oven at 250°C.
  • Depyrogenate the test tubes at 250°C for 1 hr. After completion, switch off the hot air oven.
  • When the temperature reaches 500 to 600 °C, open the door of the hot air oven and collect the tubes in a clean and dried SS tray.
  • It is recommended to use the dehydrogenated test tubes within two days. If it is not used within two days, again dehydrogenate the tubes.
  • After the BET test, dips the test tubes to be cleaned in 1000 ml of the beaker and add a sufficient amount of WFI.
  • Boil the tubes on a hot plate for 15-20 minutes to remove the gel content from the tubes.
  • Allow the tubes to cool at room temperature. Remove water and rinse with fresh WFI water three times.
  • Again, boil the tubes on a hot plate for 10 min and repeat the above step.
  • Record the details in the format as mentioned in Annexure–I.

QA – Quality assurance
QC – Quality Control
SOP – Standard operating procedure
LAF – Laminar airflow
GDP – Good documentation practices

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