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Handbook of Solubility Data for Pharmaceuticals

Aqueous solubility is one of the major challenges in the early stages of drug discovery. One of the most common and effective methods for enhancing solubility is the addition of an organic solvent to the aqueous solution. Along with an introduction to co-solvency models, the Handbook of Solubility Data for Pharmaceuticals provides an extensive database of solubility for pharmaceuticals in mono solvents and binary solvents. 

In addition to the experimental efforts to measure the solubility of drugs in mono and mixed solvents, this book discusses the advantages and limitations of a number of mathematical models used to predict the solubility in mono or mixed solvent systems. It covers the pharmaceutical cosolvents and other organic solvents that are used in syntheses, separations, and other pharmaceutical processes. The solutes featured include the available data for official drugs, drug candidates, precursors of drugs, metabolites, and degradation products of pharmaceuticals. The author also presents the solubilities of amino acids since they play an important role in peptide drug properties.

Collecting drug solubilities in various cosolvents, this time-saving handbook includes the mixtures and model constants needed to predict undetermined solubilities. It describes mathematical models that enable data to be derived and provides estimates on how drugs are likely to behave in a given cosolvent. A software program and associated user manual are available on the author’s website.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  1. Solubility Determination Methods
  2. Aqueous Solubility Prediction Methods
  3. Solubility Prediction in Organic Solvents
  4. The Accuracy Criteria in Solubility Calculation Methods
  5. Acceptable MPD Range in Solubility Calculations
  6. Solubilization of Drugs by Cosolvency
  7. Review of Cosolvency Models
  8. Concluding Remarks
  • Solubility Data in Organic Solvents
  • Solubility Data in Binary Solvent Mixtures
  • Solubility Data in Ternary Solvent Mixtures
  • Subject Index
  • Drug Index
  • Solvent Index
  • CAS Number
  • List of Abbreviations

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