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SOP for Accident Prevention Guidelines

To maintain safety aspects

To provide a documented procedure for preventing accident & Recording accident.

Preventing accident & Recording accident

Follow up : Concern department head
Over all responsibility: Personnel & Administration Manager.


Accident Prevention
  • Workman shall engage themselves in the duties which have been assigned to them. The execution of their duties must be in the safe manner laid down in SOP for the operation, of the machine or duty concerned.
  • Removal of guards or safety devices, cleaning of machines which they are Running, etc., are expressly forbidden.
  • Workmen working beyond the height of 10 feet shall wear the safety belt.
  • If any employee / work man working beyond the height of 10 feet on ladder shall work with one additional work man / employee to hold ladder.
  • Safety instructions given or posted on Notice Boards are to be followed.
  • Workman shall not keep sharp edge tools into their pocket.
  • Any employee / workman working with electricity shall wear safety shoes & Sock proof gloves.
  • Any workman working with hazardous chemicals / acid shall wear the safety Wears like goggles, gloves etc.
  • Speed of vehicle inside the factory premises shall not exceed 20 km / hr.
  • When welding work is to be carried out in closed area, extra fire extinguisher Shall be provided.
  • After working with oil, floor shall be cleaned thoroughly to wipe out the oil.
  • Solvents shall be stored in tight closed container.
  • Used drums of solvent / chemicals shall be discarded by skilled workman.
  • Sufficient emergency light shall be provided.
  • Entry into transformer yard / explosive storage yard shall be restricted to selected Personnel.
  • Machine which is under maintenance shall be labeled as “Under Maintenance”.
  • Workman shall enter into water tank, drainage, septic tank only after permission Of Personal & Administration department.
  • Workman shall carry out repairing work of high pressure line / high temperature Line / or any explosive line only after permission of Engineering In charge.
  • Wear earplugs near high noise area.

Recording of Accident
  • Accident shall be recorded into Accident Register.
  • The accidents are categorized as critical major and minor depending on the Seriousness of the incident.

Action taken upon Accidents
  • The First aid, if required, after the accident shall be provided at the earlier marked Locations and trained persons are available.
  • The telephone no. of fire station, doctor, ambulance shall be displayed in all the Departments to call upon in an emergency.
  • The affected employee shall be immediately rushed to the hospital, if needed and is provided the required medical help.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure


Revision History

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