SOP for CCTV Camera Handling

This SOP is prepared to control the usage and maintenance of CCTV Cameras installed at PharmaSky Ltd. only and defines the authorized persons to view/monitor online/offline videos and controls.

This procedure is applicable only for the maintenance and usage of CCTV cameras installed at PharmaSky for security purposes.

Authorized Persons
  • Admin Officer/Sr. Officer, HR & Administration to view online/offline videos, monitoring security issues.
  • Manager, HR & Administration to view online/offline videos, monitoring security issues and control.
  • Site Head to view online/offline videos, monitor security issues, and control.
  • Manager, Information Technology to install software and problem analysis.


Sr. Officer - HR & Administration
  • To check that all cameras are in working condition.
  • To check all cameras are set up toward the target places.
  • For the maintenance of CCTV ensure of all cameras must be cleaned outside to remove dust once a quarter with the help of office boys. But do not touch the LENS as it is a sensitive part of the camera.
  • If found any camera is out of order it needs to be restored to working conditions with the help of the supplier as early as possible in normal cases, however, it will depend on the cost of repair or replacement.

Manager - IT
  • To install CCTV software on an authorized person's pc when needed.
  • Analysis/troubleshooting if requires.

Manager - HR & Administration
  • To check the DVR is working in good condition.
  • To check the data is auto-recording in DVR HDD perfectly.
  • If DVR is not working or data is not saving correctly should inform the supplier to take corrective measures to fix the problem.
  • To check or review saved data if any incident happened in the CCTV coverage area to find out any causes of the incident. By default, data will be available for the last 12-14 days depending on the HDD capacity currently installed in the DVR.
  • To view online/offline videos to monitor people's movement and activities in terms of security and manpower usage properly.

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