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Job Description for Production Pharmacist

Job Summary
Under the supervision of the Production Manager, coordinates and controls production activities. Implements production plan/targets according to cGMP. Supervises employees engage in the manufacturing process and dispense batches according to BMR's.

  1. Co-ordinates in planning and organizing the manufacturing process of the company.
  2. Implements Operational manuals, production plans, and programs.
  3. Ensures conformance of manufacturing processes with organizational objectives and policies with the coordination of the Production Manager.
  4. Checks the availability of adequate raw and packing materials, utilities, filters, and machine size parts.
  5. Fulfills the monthly and weekly production plans according to the schedule with the coordination of the Production Manager.
  6. Monitors drug manufacturing activities in compliance with the requirements of cGMP.
  7. Ensures that all standard yields are maintained by production lines.
  8. Controls production process and production facilities.
  9. Ensures the general cleanliness and hygienic conditions of the manufacturing areas.
  10. Ensures that all production equipments are maintained in good working order.
  11. Assists in pilot scale trials of products under development.
  12. Ensures that there is discipline and good working culture among the staff.
  13. Makes sure the on-the-job training of production personnel.
  14. Ensures the hygienic condition of production personnel.
  15. Ensures production people wear masks, gloves, and shoes before entering into production.
  16. Prepares daily reports.
  17. Performs other duties as assigned by the Production Manager.

  1. Responsible for any delay during daily as well as weekly work schedule.
  2. Decides either to reject or use by sorting non-conforming raw and packing materials discovered during the manufacturing process after discussing with the Production Manager.
  3. Takes decisions about where engaging manpower in absence of work.
  4. Responsible for planning of work according to the weekly program.
  5. Mainly supervises duties of subordinates, operators, and rest of workers.
  6. Not responsible for cash.
  7. Responsible for materials issued from the warehouse for manufacturing.
  8. Responsible to keep all confidential matters secret and protect the interest of the company.

  1. Authorized to recommend the promotion of his sub-ordinate staff members
  2. Authorized to write a warning letter to his sub-ordinate staff members

Efforts Required
  1. High mental effort is required.
  2. Requires a lot of high physical effort for monitoring various processing operations and for troubleshooting activities.
  3. Requires a lot of visual efforts to accomplish documentation and other routine papers works.

Working Conditions
  1. Exposed to dust of different drugs, which causes allergic reactions as well as mental and physical fatigue.
  2. Exposed to physical injury.

Job Specification
  1. Qualification: B. Pharm / M. Pharm
  2. About 4 weeks of special training in pharmaceutical manufacturing technology.
  3. Minimum 10 years of experience or Above

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