Job Description for Production Manager (Non-Sterile)

Job Summary
Under the general supervision of the Plant Manager manages all non-sterile drug manufacturing activities in terms of quality standards, quality, Cost & Manpower utilization for a successful achievement of company objectives.

  • Checks the availability of adequate raw and packing materials.
  • Considering delivery schedules for shortfall items or items required urgently prepares production schedule and finalizes after approval of Plant Manager.
  • Assess production standards in relation to plant capacity, materials supply, manpower availability, and financial limitations.
  • Monitors drug manufacturing activities in compliance with the requirements of cGMP.
  • Ensures that all standard yields are maintained by production lines.
  • May redesign or review production chart, or manufacturing stages and handling of materials with a view to rationalize or reduce costs or time etc.
  • Ensures that proper manufacturing validation is being done at appropriate intervals.
  • Sorts out problems faced during regular production and solves them with the help of service departments, if required.
  • Ensures that all production equipment machinery is maintained in good working order along with the engineering department.
  • Initiates and follows up on the maintenance of production premises and facilities.
  • Assists in pilot scale trials of products under development.
  • Ensures that there is a general discipline and a good work culture among the staff.
  • Initially, Interviews in conjunction with the HR department after sanctions are obtained from top management.
  • Make sure that production personnel is trained in continuous processes in proper and safe working methods along with the sections concerned.
  • Appraises production personnel log with concerned supervisors.
  • Recommend leaves request from the department employees considering the load and nature of work.
  • Prepares periodic reports on all activities of the department and submits them to Plant Manager
  • Performs all related jobs upon request.


1. For the work process
  • Responsible for low wastage rejects downtime, or delay in the process due to poor follow-up or supervision.
  • A decision either to reject or use by sorting non-conforming raw materials discovered during the manufacturing process, in consultation with QA.
  • Gives decision on test sample's suitability based on trial results.
  • Decides on overtime working and recruitment of casual workers, if required.
  • Decides on other routine issues that do not require the consent of other departments or prior approval from the Plant Manager.
  • Responsible for planning and scheduling manufacturing based on approved demands or sales forecasts of the marketing department.

2. For the supervision of people
  • Mainly supervises duties of professional subordinates and operators and sometimes duties of rest of workers.
  • Responsible for input materials inside production issued from the warehouse for manufacturing.
  • Responsible to keep all confidential matters and protect the interests of the company for confidential matters.

  • Authorized to recommend the promotion of his subordinate staff members.
  • Authorized to write appreciation letters to his subordinate staff members.
  • Authorized to write a warning letter to his subordinate staff members.

Efforts Required
  • High mental effort is required in devising solutions and performing office work mental effort.
  • Requires physical effort for touring around the various processing operations and for troubleshooting activities.
  • Requires a lot of visual effort to accomplish documentation and other routine paper works.

Working Conditions
Exposed to dust of different drugs, which causes allergic reactions as well as mental and physical fatigue.

Job Specification
Qualification: B Pharm / M. Pharm
12 to 14 Years in a Pharmaceutical plant of which 3-4 Years in a managerial position.

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