Job Description for Packaging Pharmacist

Job Summary
Under the direct supervision of the foreman, checks the cleanness of the working area, and availability of raw and packing material, prepares vouchers, records daily activities, monitors and allocates packing workers, and performs every activity according to cGMP. Reports to the immediate supervisor if there is any fault.

  • Observes high personal hygienic standards.
  • Wears all protective garments including mask, gloves and shoes.
  • Respect the “don’ts” and “Do’s” of cGMP.
  • Checks the cleanliness of working areas (packing, blistering, and maintaining records).
  • Checks the cleanness, dryness, and availability of equipments and machines used by packing workers.
  • Checks the calibration status is pasted on balances.
  • Checks the proper printing of batch number, expiry date, manufacturing date, and quantity per transport carton.
  • Checks the proper availability of raw and packaging materials.
  • Checks the proper packaging (weighing, sealing labeling, availability of leaflets and labels in jars / boxes).
  • Checks the proper batch is provided for packaging.
  • Prepares Finishing Order and receives materials against it from the warehouse.
  • Prepares transfer vouchers, controls & follows.
  • Prepares return vouchers, during product change & unfit materials.
  • Prepares raw & packaging materials report at the end of product/production.
  • Records daily transferred products.
  • Prepares daily and monthly packing reports.
  • Records any wasted raw & packaging materials.
  • Allocates packaging workers to their assigned working area / place.
  • Monitors the daily activities of the packing workers.
  • Immediately reports any fault(s) to the Asstt. Manager Production/ Manager Production.
  • Reports his/her absence at least one day in advance to his / her supervisor.
  • Keeps records of downtime with a reason(s).
  • Signs on the appropriate records when required.
  • Completes the batch manufacturing records (BMR) by taking them to the concerned departments.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Responsible for un proper Packing, recording, unacceptable wastage, un proper cleaning & delay in the work process due to negligence.
  • Responsible for monitoring and allocating of packing workers For the work of the others/ supervision people:
  • Responsible for numbering machine, cutter, dispenser, balance & other packing equipments damaged and missed.
  • Responsible to keep confidential matters secret.

  • Authorized to recommend for promotion to his sub-ordinate staff members
  • Authorized to give warning letter to his sub-ordinate staff members

Efforts Required
  • Needs normal mental effort.
  • Needs physical effort in performing the whole process.

Working Conditions
  • Exposure to drugs dust, allergic and asthma, muscular strain, an adaptation of drugs, kidney.
  • Exposed to physical injury

Job Specification
Qualification: B. Pharm.
1 year in the same capacity
3 weeks on job training with an experienced packaging in charge or one week if the packaging in charge has relevant experience.

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