How to Establish a Generic Pharmaceutical Company in India?

Starting a pharmaceutical company is one of the best options to start a business. A pharmaceutical company could be either involves in one or all types i.e. research, manufacturing, trading, distribution, and marketing etc. An aspirant pharma professional will always want to own his or her own pharmaceutical company. It is their ambition to launch their own pharmaceutical company as soon as possible. Most pharma professionals were unable to do so due to a lack of knowledge and courage, as well as a lack of funds. If you have some experience in the generic medicine field, in the beginning, you may be able to give your business a boost. But first, you should understand how much it costs to establish a pharmaceutical company in India or how to establish a generic pharmaceutical company in India.

Furthermore, we all know how rapidly India's pharmaceutical industry is growing. The Indian pharmaceutical industry has established a significant and reputable position in the global pharmaceutical market. India has become the world's largest supplier or exporter of generic medicines. So, at this time, it would be extremely beneficial to invest in the generic pharmaceutical industry. If you want to start a generic pharmaceutical company franchise or your own generic pharmaceutical company in India, you should read this article. In this section, we will look at how to start a generic pharmaceutical company in India in general.

To Begin a Generic Pharmaceutical Company in India, Follow These Simple Steps.

As the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries grow, starting your own pharmaceutical firm could be a wise career move. The future of this market appears to be quite promising. However, if you are serious about starting a generic pharmaceutical company in India, you should begin as soon as possible. To complete the pharma company registration process, you must follow a few simple steps. People who want to start a generic pharmaceutical company should definitely read the following advice.

Prior Requirements:
You or one of your partners should have prior experience in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in sales and marketing, as well as basic business principles.

Project Report
A project report contains a summary, facts, target vs. actual accomplishments, analysis, action to be taken, risk and issued, resources, budget, and schedule, among other things.

Business Plan
Where to begin, which specializations to pursue, products to launch, the investment required, investment available, other resources, sales team required, licenses and NOC required, territory to cover, and much more.

Territory Knowledge
You should be familiar with the area in which you intend to conduct business. The number of doctors present, your target customers, distributors, retailers, hospitals, pharmacies, and so on are all available in that territory.

Financial Resources
Establishing a business requires time and effort. You should have adequate finance to start, operate and run it till it starts to earn enough profit to pay own and your expenses. Financial resources may include a loan, own savings, mortgage, part-time income source, etc.

Create a Business Plan:
A detailed business plan is required to start a generic pharmaceutical company. A business plan includes numerous items such as:

  • Choose suitable office premises with adequate space that meet the government's standards.
  • A memorable and distinct brand name for your company or brands. The brand name should not be similar to any existing entity, so extensive research is required beforehand.
  • Available with a financial background, which is essential when starting a business.

Register a company under the Companies Act:
If you are starting a PCD franchise business, you will need several things such as a drug license number, GST (goods and services tax) registration, trademark registration, and FSSAI registration. But if you are registering a new business you will also require the discussed registration but there are four major steps that are:
  • Acquiring Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Acquiring Director Identification no (DIN)
  • Get new user registration or fill an eForm
  • Incorporation of the company

Obtain Drug License No.:
As a result, because this business includes the sale and manufacture of medicines and pharmaceutical drugs, it requires a drug license to operate. It is a punishable offense to operate a business without a registered drug license number. You should meet with the local drug inspector and drug selling authority to learn more about the process of obtaining a drug license number.

Obtain the GST Number
GST is a new tax in our country that is required when doing business. If a generic pharma company's annual revenue exceeds 2.5 million, it must obtain a GST number within three months. However, turnover is not the only reason for GST in this case. GST rules and regulations cover a wide range of topics. It would be preferable if you obtained services and knowledge from experts.

Few Further things that one would require to start a generic pharmaceutical company
  1. Get the trademark registered
  2. Get FSSAI registration

These are the steps to take if you want to start a pharmaceutical company. We hope that we have provided the most up-to-date information on how to establish a generic pharmaceutical company in India. 

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