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SOP for Calibration of Temperature Gauge

To define the procedure for calibration of Temperature Gauge

Range -80 to 1100 °C at Lab

Calibration Engineer

Standard PRT sensor, Digital Thermometer Readout (chub-4), Liquid Temperature Bath, Dry Block

Temperature - (25 ± 3)°C
Humidity - (50± 10) % RH

  • Temperature Gauge is visually checked for no any physical damage.
  • Temperature Gauge under calibration is attached an under calibration tag. The type, Range, S.No, Make & other details of the temperature gauge are recorded in observation Sheet.
  • Switch on the Liquid Temperature Bath OR Dry Block for the temperature source and set it at the desired range for the calibration Point of Temperature Gauge.
  • PRT and Temperature Gauge under calibration are put into the Liquid Temperature Bath.
  • Record Temperature during calibration in Observation Data Sheet.
  • Ensure all the connectivity of the reference sensor with digital thermometer readout is correct.
  • Allow sufficient time to stabilize of equilibrium temperature at the set value and ensure before taking the measurement of the PRT as well as the Temperature Gauge under calibration.
  • Wait for 15 to 20 minutes at the set temperature so that the dry block stabilizes at the set temperature.
  • On Stabilization, the set temperature of PRT &Temperature Gauge under calibration has recorded the temperature on the observation sheet.
  • Five measurements are observed and record the temperature for each calibration set point repeat the above step for other temperature set points and cover the range as per customer request.
  • After Calibration the Temperature Gauge is not to be removed immediately, allowing sufficient time to cool until the ambient temperature is reached.
  • Calculate the measurement uncertainty by taking 5 repeated readings at same Measurement point.
  • Affix the calibration sticker on the Temperature Gauge.
  • Prepare the Calibration certificate.

1. Calibration data Observation Sheet.
2. Uncertainty Evaluation Record sheet.
3. Copy of Calibration Certificate.


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