Troubleshooting Problems with Column Backpressure

Possible Cause


High Backpressure

Wrong pump setting

Check and correct setting

Normal for system

Increased backpressure normal if:

Switched to a longer column

Changed to smaller particles

Changed to a smaller diameter

Increased flow rate

if no other changes are made

Pressure higher during the middle of the gradient


Temperature too low

Adjust column oven temperature

Column aging

Gradual increase in pressure normal

over column lifetime

Blocked column frit

Reverse flush the column

Use in-line filter

Centrifuge or filter samples

Use guard cartridges

Blocked in-line filter

Replace in-line filter frit

Centrifuge or filter samples

Pre-filter mobile phase

Blocked guard cartridge

Replace guard cartridge more frequently

System blockage

Systematically investigate system to find the blockage

Buffer precipitation

Reverse flush the column with water

Review evaluation conditions

Low Backpressure

Leak in system

Locate leak and correct

Column temperature too high

Lower temperature

Flow too low

Increase flow rate

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