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SOP for Operation of Plug Pressing Machine

The Objective of this SOP is to provide detailed instructions and the procedural control method for the operation of the Plug pressing machine in the Production Department.

The scope of this SOP is to lay down the detailed procedure, to put the measuring cups (with proper marking), which are used to measure the doses after the bottles are sealed. This may not be applicable to single-dose packing. This SOP also displays the basic requirements and precautions to be taken while operating.

Technician helper Responsible to perform the activity.
Production Supervisor, Technical Staff, and above to counter-check the activity.

Production Head / Assigned Designee for Overall Implementation in System with effective procedural control to compliance.

  • Remove the “Cleaned” label.
  • Connect the main electric supply.
  • Switch on the mains.
  • Keep all the change parts ready for the required bottle size.
  • To set bottle height, turn the vibrator clockwise or anti-clockwise whatever is required.
  • Set star wheel and bottle supporting bracket in such a way that the bottles move freely during operation through the machine.
  • Set plug pressing belt to press the plugs put on the bottle and locked on P.P. cap of the bottle.
  • Set the cup channel height such that each bottle picks up a measuring cup and the channel does not touch the PP cap of the sealed bottle during operation.
  • Adjust the speed with speed controller.
  • Now the machine is ready. Run the machine till all bottles are plugged with measuring cups.
  • Record operation details in the equipment log book.
  • Clean the machines as per cleaning SOP.

  • There should not be any loose electrical connections.
  • Do not try any manual operation when a machine is on.
  • If bottles break during running, switch off the machine and clean the machine immediately.
  • Check that the area and equipment are clean and suitable for operation.
  • Necessary precaution for safety concerns and others if applicable as required.

Acceptance Criteria
  • All bottles are properly plugged with measuring cups.
As and when empty bottle washing is required.


SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
PP: Pilfer proof.
HOD: Head of the Department

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