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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Sachet Filling and Sealing Machine

To lay down procedure for Operation and Cleaning of Sachet Filling and Sealing Machine.

This Procedure applies to Operation and Cleaning of Sachet Filling and Sealing Machine.

  • It is the Operator’s responsibility to operate and clean machine as per this procedure.
  • The supervisors should ensure procedure is properly followed.

  • Do not touch the hot surface of the machine.
  • Do not transport the machine on the peel edge setting.
  • Do not carry the machine when power is connected to the machine.


Procedure for Operation
  • Gets line clearance for sachet filling from QA Department.
  • Add the powder into the hopper by help of S.S scoop in the hopper.
  • Select the sachet filling dies according to the requirements.
  • Attach the sachet foil on the sachet filling machine.
  • Push the ON button of control panel.
  • Push the button ON of heater. Set the temperature to 130°C.
  • When the required temperature achieved. Then start the sachet machine.
  • Fix the foil rolls on machine.
  • Set the printing stereo with overprinting details.
  • Run the machine to check the sealing and overprinting quality.
  • Adjust the quantity of powder to be filled and check for uniformity of weight.
  • Check the sealing of the sachet foil.
  • When sachet foil sealing is OK. Then start the powder foil.
  • The initial filling of the sachet handover the QA Inspector for wt. variation and sealing checking.
  • After release from QA, the start regular filling of sachet.
  • After completion of filling, the sachet packed in the poly bag and tight sealed.
  • Machine operator will maintain machine log sheet.

Procedure for Cleaning

Materials & Equipment:
  1. Cleaning agent: Teepol or Liquid Soap
  2. Vacuum Cleaner / Mops / brush / lint free cloth
  3. Plastic / SS tub
  • After completion of filling, Switch Off the mains of machine.
  • Fix the status label.
  • Remove the visible material from the machine with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Dismantle the hopper, feeding chute etc. and clean with a dry lint free cloth. Wash hopper & feeding chute with tap water.
  • Prepare a Teepol solution (10ml in 10 liters water) or liquid-soap (50gm in 5 liters water) and clean the surfaces of hopper and feeding chute by mopping.
  • Wash hopper and feeding chute by running tap water for 5 minutes and drain the washings. Repeat the procedure for another 5 minutes and again drain the washings.
  • Finally rinse in-process containers with purified water and drain it completely.
  • Send the wash water for analysis for residual active ingredients of previous product.
  • Remove the left over powder from heaters and cutter with the help of a brush.
  • Clean the entire machine with a dry lint free cloth.
  • Reassemble all dismantled parts on the machine and put a label “Clean”.
  • Machine operator will maintain machine log sheet.
  • Frequency of cleaning: Clean the machine after five consecutive batches of same product.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.
QA: Quality Assurance.


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