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GTP for Estimation of Total Dissolved Solids in Water Samples

  • To lay down the procedure for determining the total dissolved solids in water samples.
  • A well-mixed sample is filtered through Whatman filter paper, and the filtrate is evaporated to dryness in a weighed dish and dried to constant weight at 180º C. The increase in the dish weight represents the Total Dissolved Solids.

Glass Crucible
Oven for drying
Analytical Balance
100 ml measuring cylinder
Whatman filter paper and funnel

  • Sample 100 ml of water in a clean and dried standard glass bottle.
  • Cut a small piece of Whatman Filter paper so as so to accommodate in the funnel.
  • Take the filter paper and form a cone shape and place it in the funnel.
  • Slowly pour the sample through the side wall of the filter and place it in the funnel filter the entire sample.
  • Take the weight of the Empty crucible (A)
  • Pour the filtrate into the crucible and keep it at 180ºC for evaporation.
  • After complete evaporation place the crucible in the desiccator.
  • After the temperature of the crucible is reduced to room temperature weigh the crucible. (B)
  • The increase in the weight of the dish will represent the total dissolved solids.

  1. Weight of the Crucible after drying. - B
  2. Initial Weight of the crucible - A
  3. The volume of the sample taken - 100 ml

American Public Health Association page number 2-56 to 2-57

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