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Test Procedure for Vitamin A Palmitate (Liquid Form)

  • Yellow or brownish–yellow, Oily Liquid.

  • Practically insoluble in water, soluble or partly soluble in anhydrous Ethanol, miscible with an organic solvent.

  1. Examine by absorption Spectophotometry comparing with the spectrum obtained with Vitamin A CRS. Examine the substance prepared as discs.
  2. Prepare a solution in dehydrated alcohol containing 10 mg of A Palmitate in 10 ml. Add 2 ml of nitric acid and mix and heat at about 75°C for 15 min, a bright red or orange color develops.

Dissolved 0.15 gm/75000 IU is sufficient absolute Ethanol to produce 100ml. Filtered take 2 ml solution & make 100 ml with the same solvent.
Measure the absorbance at 326 nm.

% Vitamin A IU/gm =     Abs. of sample × Dilution Factor × 1900     
                                                       100 × Wt. of Sample

1900= Converted the specific absorbance into International Unites per gm.

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