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SOP for CHNS Analyzer (EuroEA 3000 series)

This SOP describes the procedure for the operation of the CHNS analyzer (EuroEA 3000 series).

  • CHNS Analyzer is a scientific instrument that can determine the elemental composition of samples such as organic and inorganic compounds.
  • This instrument is used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements (CHNS) in pharmaceuticals.

  • It is the responsibility of the QC Analyst to ensure adherence to this procedure.
  • It is the responsibility of QC Manager to follow the instructions of this procedure.

Bypass: Un-weighed standard samples are introduced to clean and condition the entire analytical circuit prior to sample analysis.

  • Each time leak test has to be performed.
  • You must not proceed with data acquisition until the leak test has passed.


Starting the Instrument
  • Open the valves of the Helium and Oxygen gas cylinder and set the pressure to 4 bar (60 psi),
  • Turn on the instrument, The on/off switch is located at the rear of the instrument.
  • Turn on the computer and to Start the software, Double click the icon Callidus software.

Software Operation
  • From the main menu click Operator login.
  • Enter user name =EVR and Password = EA3000 and click on the OK button.
  • Create a method for CHNS
  • From the main menu select Instrument ….. Setting.
  • In the method frame type, the instrument parameters as reported in the Analytical Protocol received with EA.
  • Press the save as button to store the parameters in the methods library.
  • Click on the send button to load the new parameters on the instrument. The front Furness and GC oven will start to heat up immediately.
  • Wait for the instrument to condition, until the instrument status shows READY.

Performing the Leak test
  • Click on the Instrument menu from the menu bar.
  • Select the Leak test from the drop-down list
  • Click on the START leak test Button.
  • The result is displayed in the label reporting passed or failed.
  • You must not proceed until the leak test has passed.

Setting Autorun Window
  • Click on Analysis on the menu bar
  • Select New autorun from the drop-down menu
  • Fill in the sample table

Balance Interface: automatic transfer of weights
  • Connect the balance cable to COM part #2 of your computer.
  • Prep[are the sample table without entering weights for standards and samples.
  • Click the balance button below the sample table.
  • Click on the sample table the row of the position to which the weight must be transferred.
  • Weigh the sample and wait for balance stability, then press the transfer button of the balance.
  • The transferred weight appears in the sample table at the active cell.
  • The process is repeated with each subsequent standard and sample.

Naming Autorun
  • Click on the save button in the autorun frame
  • Create a new autorun name window opens
  • Click add type, Type a new name, and click OK.

Running an Experiment
  • When all the settings have been made in the Autorun window, press Send to the instrument.
  • When the monitor window bar shows READY press START.
  • The acquisition window appears and the acquisition starts.

Viewing the acquired Chromatograms and Results
  • Click the acquired samples button in the Acquisition window
  • Click the desired sample Table line.
  • The results window reports the % element.

Shutting down the instrument
  • Click on Operator on the main menu
  • Select Exit Callidus
  • Than press OK
  • Turn off instrument
  • Close the gas cylinder valves.

QC: Quality Control



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