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SOP for Preventive Maintenance of Equipments

To lay down the procedure for Preventive Maintenance.

This SOP shall be applicable for preventive maintenance of all equipment.


Head of Engineering

  • A preventive maintenance plan shall be prepared at the month end of December and June for the next six months.
  • Whenever the new equipment is installed, shall be incorporated in the preventive maintenance plan at end of the month as a supplement to the origin.

Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • A preventive maintenance schedule for every month shall be prepared based on the preventive maintenance plan.
  • Preventive maintenance shall be carried out as per the scheduled date.
  • A preventive maintenance schedule for next month shall be issued to the concerned department in the last week of the running month.
  • Preventive maintenance checklists shall be prepared based on our past experience, maintenance manuals, and manufacturer's recommendations for every piece of equipment.
  • Each checklist shall be approved by the head of engineering.
  • The checklist number is an alphanumeric system comprising 12 characters such as the first preventive maintenance checklist prepared for the equipment belonging to the production department will be numbered.
  • Take necessary work permit from the concerned department wherever required.
  • Ensure that right quality of consumables including oil & grease are available.
  • Ensure the main switch of the machine is turned OFF, the fuses have been removed wherever available and utilities are isolated whenever requires Tag the UNDER MAINTENANCE label to the equipment.
  • Preventive maintenance should be carried out as per the preventive maintenance Checklist and tick-mark the checks.
  • In case of repeated breakdowns observed during operation, corrective actions should be planned during preventive maintenance.
  • After completing the preventive maintenance, take a machine trial and remove the UNDER MAINTENANCE label.
  • If the machine status is satisfactory, hand over the machine to the respective department representative. In the case of utility and HVAC equipment, performance is to be verified by a responsible engineer.
  • lf the machine status is not acceptable take appropriate corrective action.
  • Symbolically update preventive maintenance schedule and plan as indicated below
o = Planned
o = Planned but not done
 = Rescheduled & done

  • In case of any major part to be replaced, which may affect the machine's performance should take place through a change control procedure.
  • In case the machine is not available for preventive maintenance due to the production plan, the preventive maintenance can be rescheduled within days of the scheduled date.
  • If the machine is not put into use or not used in a complete month, preventive maintenance shall be carried out once in three months to keep the machine in healthy condition.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure



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