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SOP for Stock Rotation of Raw Materials, Packing Materials and Finished Goods

To lay down a procedure to ensure proper stock rotation of Raw materials, Packing Materials and finished goods so that the stock rotation of the materials may be on a “First-in, First-out” basis.

This Standard Operating Procedure is applicable in Store for Stock Rotation of Raw Materials, Packing Materials and Finished Goods on the “First-in, First-out” basis at XYZ Ltd.

  • Store personnel shall be responsible to follow the procedure mentioned in this SOP.
  • The store in charge shall be responsible for implementing the procedure mentioned in this SOP.

Store Incharge & QA Head shall be accountable for implementing this SOP.

  • The persons holding charge of the stores of Raw Materials, Packing Materials and Finished Goods shall maintain their stores by adopting a system to prevent the materials brought earlier may not remain in the store without disposal for a long time by dispatching the later ones.
  • The persons holding charges of stores shall adopt the procedure of the proper stock rotation of the materials stored by them on the basis of “First-in, First-out” (FIFO).
  • The materials shall be stored in such a way to enable quick identification and stock movement.
  • The stocks should be racked and stored in a manner that earlier stocks are more easily accessible than the later ones.
  • The stock received should be with proper documents detailing the name of the material, the batch number, quantity received, and date of expiry, if any.
  • The stock control system must be such that only passed lots (released) are issued.
  • The materials should be stored on shelves at convenient heights and with proper labels that clearly identify the materials and with "Released" status labels on each packing.
  • A list of materials giving details such as their names, batch numbers, date of manufacture and date of Expiry, if any, and quantities in stock, should be prepared.
  • The stock rotation shall be such that the materials are disposed of on the “First-in, First-out” basis, i.e. in the sequence of their receipt to avoid disposal of any material received later than the one received earlier.


SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
QA: Quality Assurance
FIFO: First In First Out

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