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SOP for Operation of Digital Micrometer

To provide a procedure for the Operation of a Digital Micrometer.

This procedure is applicable to Mitutoyo make Digital Micrometer.

Quality Control Chemist and above
Quality Control Head

  • The Digital Micrometer is a precision instrument that is used to measure the thickness of packaging materials like PVC film, aluminum foil etc., accurately.
  • It can measure a maximum thickness of 25 mm.
  • The least count of Digital Micrometer is 0.001 mm.
  • The Digital Micrometer is a highly heat-sensitive instrument and should be stored at room temperature.
  • Hold the Digital Micrometer from its Heat Thermally insulating plate whilst handling to prevent heat transfer from the hand of the user to the Digital Micrometer.
  • The object to be measured should also be kept at room temperature since this may also affect the reading.
  • Do not overtighten the Digital Micrometer as this can lead to deformation of both the anvil and spindle and the object being measured.
  • Store the Digital Micrometer in its appropriate storage compartment to prevent any wearing of the anvil and/or spindle.
  • Store the Digital Micrometer with the anvil and spindle not in contact with each other so that any temperature fluctuations will not stress the instrument.
  • Measure the desired object three times to ensure that the reading obtained is accurate.
  • Do not operate abruptly, drop or strike the Digital Micrometer.
  • Digital Micrometer uses a 1.55V button cell battery.
  • Do not substitute the used battery.
  • Discard the used battery.
  • Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer

  • Turn the thimble to gently bring the spindle into contact with the anvil. Apply the rated measuring force using the ratchet stop/friction thimble.
  • Press the zero buttons to zero setting to display 0.000 on the screen.
  • Rotate the thimble anticlockwise allowing sufficient space between the anvil and the spindle to accommodate the object to be measured.
  • Place the object to be measured between the anvil and the spindle.
  • Spin the ratchet clockwise until the spindle just meets the object.
  • Keep spinning the ratchet gently until 3 clicks are heard.
  • Check that both the anvil and the spindle are touching the object evenly.
  • Set the Spindle clamp while the micrometer is still on the object.
  • Note the reading.
  • Remove the object from the micrometer.
  • Reset the Spindle clamp to the unlock position.
  • Keep the instrument in a box after use.
  • Get calibrated Digital Micrometer by an approved outside agency on yearly basis and keep the certificate in the record.

  • Rub off any visible dirt, dust and grit with a lint-free cloth.
  • Wipe off the measuring faces of both the anvil and spindle with lint-free paper and set the start (zero) point before measuring.

mm : Millimeter



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