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SOP for Operation and Maintenance of Cyclo Mixer

To lay down a procedure for operation and maintenance of cyclo mixer.

This procedure is applicable to the cyclo mixer located in the microbiology laboratory at Pharmasky Limited.

Microbiologist/QC Designee: Responsible for operation of the instrument.
Section In-charge: Responsible for review the procedure
QC Head: Responsible for implementing the procedure.
QA Head: Overall compliance.

  • Ensure that the instrument is clean before starting.
  • Switch ON the mains.
  • When the instrument is connected to the power supply the pilot lamp will glow.
  • Cyclo mixer has a switch with three positions ON, OFF, and TOUCH.
  • Cyclo mixer can be operated by two methods
  1. Touch Operation
  2. Continuous Operation

Touch Operation
  • Push the switch button to the ‘TOUCH’ position.
  • In touch operation mode the speed regulation will not work.
  • To operate the cyclo mixer, press the mixing head with a test tube or conical flask which is containing the testing solution.
  • After completion of mixing remove the test tube or conical flask from the mixing head, and the operation will stop.
  • After completion of the activity return the switch to the ‘OFF’ position.

Continuous Operation
  • Push the switch button to ‘ON’ position.
  • Set the speed with the help of speed regulator knob by rotating clock wise direction.
  • Put the test tube or conical flask which is containing test solution on mixing head and hold them.
  • After completion of mixing turn off speed regulator knob by rotating anti clock wise direction and remove the test tube or conical flask.
  • The cyclo mixer will operate continuously with set speed until the switch is moved to ‘OFF’ or ‘TOUCH’ position.
  • After completion of activity return the switch to ‘OFF’ position.
  1. Cyclo mixer has interchangeable mixing heads.
  2. Exchange the interchangeable mixing heads according to the shape and size of the container (Test Tubes, Conical Flasks, vials).
  • Switch OFF the mains when the instrument is not in use.

Cleaning Procedure
  • Unplug the mixer from its power supply before attempting any cleaning activity.
  • Keep the unit clean by immediately blotting any spillages.
  • Use a moistened cloth soaked in mild detergent or approved disinfectants to clean the outside surface.
  • Clean the instrument before usage and after usage or at the time of any spillage occurs.

  • Never operate the unit without a shaking head, which is securely attached.
  • Always wear goggles while operating the cyclo mixer.
  • Do not use or mix solvents and flammables on or near the mixer.
  • Mix hazardous samples in appropriate vessels.
  • The cyclo mixer may become warm to touch when in constant use.
  • Do not lift the mixer from its removable rubber attachments.
  • Avoid wetting and unnecessary exposure to fumes.

QC: Quality Control
QA: Quality Assurance
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure


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