SOP for Verification/Calibration of Balances by External Team

To lay down a procedure for maintenance/servicing and verification/calibration of balances by an external agency.

This SOP is applicable for maintenance/servicing and verification/calibration of balances by an external agency.

Departmental Head Concern Production 
Quality control

Quality Assurance Manager.

  • Annual maintenance contract for the balances in different areas of different makes shall be given to the External Agency for their Maintenance/ Servicing and Verification/ Calibration. This shall be done by the Purchase Department Annually.
  • External Agency, engaged for the annual maintenance of the Electronic Balances shall make the necessary maintenance on the balances under contract and verify/ calibrate the balances at every one year interval.
  • In case of any breakdown, the concerned department shall intimate the purchasing department for the repair & maintenance of the balances. In such a case, after every repair, the balance shall be verified/ calibrated against the known weight by the external agency.
  • During the visit of the External Agency for maintenance/servicing and verification/calibration of the balances, the concerned department head shall arrange to get their balances verified/calibrated in the prescribed format as per provided in SOP or as per concern Department SOP.
  • All the balances shall be verified for the Eccentric Accuracy Check (at five locations i.e. all four corners & center) and for its working range by the pre-certified standard weights (rounded-off to the nearest denomination) as per details provided in SOP.
  • After doing verification/calibration the duly filled-in format, by the representative of the external agency and checked by the concerned department head, shall be submitted to the QA-Head for final review of the maintenance and verification/calibration of the balances.
  • Each department shall arrange to maintain the calibrated weights in their own areas and also their certification from Weight & Measurement Department annually through the purchasing department. These weights shall also be used for the daily calibration of the balances in each area before commencing the weighing activity in each department.


SOP : Standard Operating Procedure
QA Quality Assurance

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