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SOP for Incoming Materials entry at Security Main Gate

To lay down the procedure for security register maintenance at the main gate for incoming materials i.e. Raw material and Packing material.

This SOP shall be applicable to the security register at the main gate.

Security guard.

Security Officer.

  • Before allowing the vehicle to enter in premises security guard should check the arrival of vehicle through a window at the main gate.
  • The security personnel check the delivery documents and ensures that the consignment is meant for pharmaceutical formulation plant.
  • After conformation of the address, the documents related to the consignment shall be sent to warehouse/store office for verification before making entries into the “Security Register for incoming RM/PM”.
  • Warehouse personnel shall collect the documents and check the following in delivery documents:
  1. Appropriateness of company address on the delivery documents.
  2. The vendor is approved as per the current version of approved manufacturer/ supplier list including address.
  3. Availability of vendor certificate of analysis copy.
  4. Reference of purchase order number on the delivery documents.
  5. Description of material (material name, grade/pharmacopeia status, quantity) in purchase order tallies with what is mentioned in the delivery document.
  • In case of any discrepancy observed, inform it to the RM Manager & PM Manager and should not be allowed to enter, if applicable.
  • After ensuring the adequacy of the received documents, the warehouse personnel shall send back the documents to security personnel to make entries in the “Security Register for incoming RM/PM”.
  • Security personnel shall make entries in the “Security Register for incoming, after receiving the consignment documents from warehouse.
  • After entering the required details, the security personnel shall stamp on the backside of the invoice/ Delivery challan with serial number as per “Security Register for incoming RM/PM”, and received date with signature.
  • Allow the vehicle to enter into the plant premises.
Note: “Gate entry No.” shall be in the form of serial numbers i.e. 1, 2, 3, and so on.


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