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SOP for Handling of Scrap in Pharmaceuticals

To provide a procedure for Scrap Management in Pharmaceuticals.

The scope of this SOP is applicable for the Scrap Management in Pharmaceuticals at XYZ Ltd.

  • Housekeeping person: Collection of scrap from departments and transfer to the scrap area
  • Department supervisors: To ensure only scrap goes to scrap yard
  • HR and Administration: To ensure compliance to the procedure

  • Use Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) such as nose mask, hand gloves, etc., while handling the waste.
  • Scrap generated during the operations shall be separately collected depending on the types of scrap. Hazardous waste to be collected in a separate bin and nonhazardous waste to be collected in a separate bin.
  • At the end of the shift or after completion of the operation, whichever is earlier, generated scrap shall be collected in the waste collection bag designated for types of waste.
  • The scrap shall be transferred from the manufacturing area to the scrap yard as per the waste material flow layout.
  • Waste generated during operation shall be collected in the waste bin lined with polybags. At the time of scrap transfer from the production area to the scrap area, the waste material bag shall be covered with another clean bag. Bag in bag shall be done near the room door and immediately before scrap is taken from the room for transfer to the scrap area. The purpose of the bag in the bag is to prevent contamination of the corridor and scrap transfer path to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Trained Housekeeping Personnel shall do the collection of waste.
  • The scrap shall be transferred to scrap areas and stored in a segregated manner depending upon the types of scrap.
  • Chemicals and reagent bottles shall be washed and dried before being taken to the scrap area.
  • Hazardous waste shall be stored in the respective area under the safety department’s supervision. The safety department shall send the hazardous waste to the hazardous waste management agency.
  • The individual department needs to ensure that any documents shall not directly go to the scrap area. Papers generated during documentation shall be disposed of using a separate SOP, SOP for Handling of Waste Paper In Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Scrap generated on a daily basis shall be handed over to scrap collection.
  • Designated in charge shall ensure that authorized nothing other than scrap is handed over to scrap collection agency.
  • After handing over the scrap to the scrap collection agency, the scrap area shall be cleaned daily.
  • Documentation shall be maintained that what amount of scrap is handed over to the collection agency.

Scrap shall be transferred to scrap area: Daily
Scrap area cleaning: Daily

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