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Problems occurs in the production process of Wet Mixer Granulator

  • Truly speaking, granules made by wet granulation have an irregular shape and a uniform particle size distribution. The structure is better than other traditional granulation processes and has strong compressibility, good solubility, and moderate moisture permeability. 
  • At different granulation speeds, the particle size is between 12 and 100 mesh, and the distribution range is optional Choose different speeds of the pelletizing paddle and the speed of the stirring paddle. The speed gradually increases and the particle size gradually increases. Just the opposite.
  • The usual Wet Mixer Granulator can be used to manually adjust the rotation speed of the stirring and granulating paddles to explore the experimental process parameters. That is to find out the speed of the two types of blades through different time changes to obtain the optimal particle size parameter, and then input the two inverters for program control, so that Ensure the quality of batch and batch production is stable and unified.
  • Wet Mixer Granulator preparation before commissioning and empty car test:
  1. Check whether the electricity, gas, and water in the workshop are in place and in standby mode.
  2. Turn the potentiometer switch on the operation panel counterclockwise to the slow speed position.
  3. Because the cover cannot be opened during operation, it will automatically stop after opening the cover to ensure safety, so it needs to be set to start. Observe and inspect the stirring blade from the sight glass of the pot lid, first press the stirring blade start button (green) to observe the rotation of the stirring blade-it should be turned counterclockwise. startup. If there is abnormal noise during slow rotation, stop and check.
  4. Check that the turning direction of the granulating knife is clockwise. The inspection method is the same as above.
  5. Commission the gas seal, gas seal cleaning, and water cooling system.
  • Wet Mixer Granulator air seal and air seal cleaning are performed by a common set of lines. When commissioning, first turn the command switch to the stop position and observe whether the air cavity has overflowed or leaked air. If necessary, check the check valve. 
  • The second step is to turn the command switch to the intake position and check whether Alive. Then turn the command switch to the water inlet position for water. If there is any abnormality, check the diaphragm valve. 
  • Water cooling is determined according to the temperature and process requirements of the pot. When the pot heats up after continuous work and needs to be cooled, the cooling water outlet valve can be opened to adjust the flow rate. The flow rate is large and the cooling is fast. At the same time, the required temperature setting is determined and executed automatically by temperature control.

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