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Maintenance of Automatic Counter Machine

Troubleshooting of counting machine

Pill bottling machine blockage
  • Stop the machine to remove debris or blockage. If it is blocked many times, adjust the track to make the relative position and alignment distance of each part of the guide rail slightly larger than the diameter of the pill, but not too large.  

  • Observe whether the storage time is accurate and whether the distance between the storage electromagnet and the storage battery is appropriate.  

  • Check whether the empty bottle is enough;  
  • Blow the photoelectric head of the automatic film counting machine with an earball or gently wipe the glass sheets on both sides of the photoelectric head with soft objects such as cotton wool and a brush;  
  • Adjust the sensitivity voltage of the automatic electronic tablet counting machine;  

Accuracy of Automatic Pill Counting Machine
  • One bottle is more than one bottle and less, a few pieces are counted, and the bottle is drawn regularly for detection. If the error is found, the general reason is that the distance between the photoelectric head and the side guide rail is inaccurate or the distance between the photoelectric head and the flap is inaccurate.  
  • There are only many automatic tablet bottling machines, which may be due to the excessive distance between the side guide baffle and the track;  the photoelectric head is polluted (Trial rubbing);  the sensitivity is too low (increased);  the left and right positions of the photoelectric head should be adjusted (generally adjusted to the right)
  • The sensitivity of stainless steel electronic counting machine is too high, and the sensitivity is adjusted (reduced)
  • Left and right position adjustment of the photoelectric head (generally left adjustment).

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