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SOP for Transfer of Products for Export

To ensure that the actual required products are exported with regard to order requirements.
To ensure that the correct export documentation is done.

The procedure applies to all products for export market.

  • The Production Manager must ensure that the required export product has been made according to customer order requirements.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager must ensure that the product has been analysed with a certificate of analysis is made available.
  • The Warehouse Manager must ensure that products are packed, documented and ready for export.
  • The Supply Chain and Logistics Manager will ensure that the products are exported by the right freight forwarders and that all export documents are in place.
  • Ensure suitable and standard containers are used to pack in export products to customers.
  • For export stretch-wrap products, use the same size of suitable cardboard cartons.
  • For export liquids not packed in bottles, use the same size of suitable plastic drums.
  • Establish the number of units to be dispatched before packing begins.
  • Label each suitable cardboard carton or plastic drum with the following information:
  1. Sequential Container Number.
  2. Product Name and Size.
  3. Batch Number, Date Manufactured and Expiry Date.
  4. Gross, Tare and Net Weight or Number of Units.
  5. Name and Address of Manufacturer.
  6. Name and Address of Customer and Order Number.
  7. Any additional cautionary statement.
  8. The legends ‘Top do not turn over’ Handle with care etc.
  • Ensure that the total stock to be packed is as shown on a purchase order and corresponds with those entries as per the Finished Goods Transfer Note and Cardex Card.
  • Pack the products into labeled containers.
  • Immediately after packing, take a physical count of the remaining stock in the warehouse.
  • Compare the stock figures with those on the cardex card to ensure that there is no under or over-supply of stock.
  • Prepare a packing list to have detailed before loading.
  • Load the packed products while ensuring the correctness of the packed cartons or drums by cross-checking the details recorded on them with those on the packing list.
  • Tick against the sequential number on the packing list for any carton or drum being loaded.
  • Prepare a Goods Delivery Note (GDN) accordingly.
  • Ensure that relevant documents;
  1. Proforma invoice
  2. Customers Order Copy.
  3. CID form, which is a proof of sale and is applied for through the Reserve Bank and is used for cross-board trade.
  4. Form, issued by Tex Authority for duty clearing purposes.
  5. Packing list.

GDN: Goods Delivery Note


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