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SOP for Returning of Online Rejection and Excess Material

To provide a procedure for documentation and return of online rejected / left over dispensed packing materials.

All online rejections and left over dispensed packing materials.

Packing supervisor: for accounting of online rejected / left over dispensed packing materials and shall coordinate with stores for the return of the same.
Warehouse Executive: for receipt of packing materials and storage.
Q.A. Manager: Verification of the same and its documentation.


For On-Line Rejected Packing Materials:
  • In case of any rejection observed online, the packing supervisor shall fill the Returns Voucher/Credit Note with his observation and comments.
  • Packing supervisor shall forward this to Production Head and Q.A. Manager, for their comments and observations.
  • The Returns Voucher/ Credit Note shall be forwarded to the warehouse together with the rejected items.
  • The rejected items shall be kept in the rejects area.
  • A disposition shall be made by Q.A Manager whether to destroy or send back to Supplier.
  • A notification will be sent to the supplier by Logistics Manager who shall liase with the supplier of the material.

For leftover Packing Material:
  • Only un-coded materials shall be acceptable, coded materials to be destroyed.
  • During production, some loss due to unforeseen circumstances may take place during different stages of product handling. This will lead to less packing materials being used as compared to the actual batch size. This in turn will lead to left over packing material.
  • In a single product campaign, several numbers of batches are being taken which result- in left over quantity of packing materials. This shall be carried over to the next batch.
  • At the end of the campaign run, check the quantity of left over packing material and return only intact pack to stores.
  • Destroy loose material if any.
  • Enter the quantity of left over packing material in the Returns Voucher with reasons.
  • Get approval of Production Head and Q.A. Manager. Return the intact pack to stores department along with the Returns Voucher/ Credit Note.
  • In next batch of same product, warehouse shall issue first this pack as per FIFO (first in first out)
  • A carbon copy shall be attached in that particular Batch Record (Last Batch).
  • The returned material shall be consumed first when it is issued to production for the second time.
  • Return the material immediately after the campaign or end of the planned production.

QA: Quality Assurance
FIFO: First In First Out


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