SOP for Planned Preventive Maintenance

To ensure yearly preventive maintenance of all machines/equipments.

This SOP applies to all activities involving the yearly preventive maintenance of machine /equipments.

Sr. Controller (Engr & Maintenance )


Bucket Elevators
  • Lubricate all bearings
  • Change oil in the drive system.
  • KS Rotary Screen Cleaner: Replace the grease packing in the bearings of the eccentric load motor.

  • Lubricate 2 x 38mm pivot pins on the vibratory bed support frame.
  • Lubricate the unbalanced vibrators.

  • Lubricate the unbalanced vibrator.
  • Change the grease packing in the bearings of the impact crusher motor.
  • Replace the grease in the worm gear screw jack with the hoisting system.
  • Check the screw unit for wear, replace it if the wear on the thread is about 50% and above.
  • Lubricate all the bearings.
  • Replace the lubricant in the gear units.

Nibrotom 3000
  • Change the circulating lubrication oil.
  • Change the oil filter.

Pre Grinder
  • Lubricate all bearings.

Mid Grinder
  • Replace the oil in the coupling of the drive (Shell Tellus oil R10) and the variation of the discharge pump (Omala 220).
  • Check wear of the agitator arms, balls and bottom screen, replace if worn.
  • Check the packing of the pump units.

Fine Mills
  • Check the condition and tension of the belt, re-tension if necessary.
  • Check balls and agitator arms for wear, replace if worn.

Liquor / Butter Tank
  • Inspect agitator blade for wear.
  • Clean the tank.
  • Replace lubricant in the gearboxes.
  • Replace grease packing in the bearings of motors.

Duyvis Press A & B
  • Replace O-rings of GS valves of the hydraulic unit.
  • Replace O-rings and backup rings of the MVE and SVE valves of the hydraulic unit.
  • Change oil in the hydraulic unit.
  • Replace guard rings, O-rings, and seals of the filling system.
  • Apply fresh grease to the system.
  • Clean the pressure gauge, pressure switch and dump valve of the liquor pump.
  • Clean the liquor-conditioning tank.
  • Replace defective support strips of cake trough.
  • Change the grease packing in the bearings of all motors.

  • Drain the boiler completely.
  • Open all manholes and hand holes. Remove all packing rests sticking to the contact surfaces without damaging the latter.
  • Clean the boiler interior, rinse thoroughly using strong jets of water; in case of boiler scale deposit, remove it and rinse out.
  • Provide all monthly maintenance work.
  • Clean fire tubes and rear reversing chamber as well as the flue tubes, as well as remove soot deposits.
  • Check combustion chamber brick lining.
  • Re-grease all bearings.
  • Close manhole and hand holes; and insert new packing.
  • Refill boiler.
  • After starting, strongly retighten all man- and hand holes repeatedly during first working hours.
  • Remove flange of the electrode low-water safety device, test electrodes in respect to scale deposits, clean them and test.


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