SOP for Control and Issuing of Printed Materials

To ensure that these are kept under lock and key and are not subjected to any mis-use i.e. labels, leaflet, dispensers, polypaper and wrapping materials.
To ensure that entry into printed materials stores is restricted only to authorized people.

The procedure applies from the moment printed materials are received, during storage and issuing out to production.

The warehouse Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that printed materials are issued to production with all security measures in place.
The warehouse Manager must monitor performance and implementation.
  • On receipt all printed materials to be kept in quarantine under lock key and can only be issued after release by the QA Manager.
  • An authorized stores copy of BPR is received from packing section.
  • The Warehouse supervisor or Assistant will pick the required materials in stipulated quantities at the issuing point.
  • The item control number, quantity, name of issues and receipt are endorsed on Batch Packaging record as well as date transaction was done.
  • Acknowledgement for above is confirmed by signatures of the issuer and recipient.
  • The exact quantities as required must be counted or weighed.
  • Any excess material to production should be returned and if already coded should be destroyed in the presence of QA Personnel.


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