Screen Clogging - Problems and Remedies

Wet Screening

Causes: Remedies
  • Doughy or sticky wet mass:
  1. Avoid oscillating granulator.
  2. Use extrusion-type granulator or Fitz Mill without screens.
  3. Reduce granulation time
  4. Add 5% to 20% Avicel PH-101 (gives less sticky or doughy mass, easier to screen)
  • Too much water in mass: Reduce water content; add water gradually and mix well after each addition.
  • Mass sensitive to water content: Incorporate 5% to 20% Avicel PH-101 (allows a wider range of solvent volume).
  • Gummy binder: Change binder
  • Component or active ingredient: Use diluted or anhydrous ethyl or isopropyl alcohol (if latter, determine acceptable residual solvent level by GC or another appropriate method); change binder.

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