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SOP for Destruction of Culture Media

Objective of this SOP is to define a procedure of destruction for cultural media which is used to test pharmaceutical products like raw materials, bulk, intermediate, finished and also water (purified water as well as drinking water) for microbiological evaluation.

This SOP describes the execution of destruction of culture media in microbiological lab where cultural media are used for the culturing and monitoring of sterile area, testing of raw materials and water.

  • To interface this SOP to the actual practices of flow patterns.
  • To ensure that the SOP is updated & reflects the actual execution.
  • To review the SOP in case of any change or whenever it is due for revision.
AM Microbiology:
  • To follow the instructions laid down by this SOP.
  • To keep the relevant SOPs valid and updated.
Manager Quality Operations:
  • To provide adequate resources for the implementation of this SOP as define.

  1. Face mask
  2. Sterile latex gloves
  3. Filtered 70% Isopropyl Alcohol spray bottle
  4. Dettol
  5. 37% Formalin
  6. Autoclave
  7. Spatula
  8. SS container / glass beaker
  9. Contaminate petri dishes / tubes / pipettes / flasks
  10. Liquid detergent
  11. Heat resistant gloves

  • After all testing been done, dispose-off all type of media that are used for microbiological testing.
  • Media dishes / flasks / tubes which are not contaminated / they have not any appearance of microbes, are directly emptied into polybags and add 20 – 25 mL 37% formalin OR 5% Dettol, then liquid medium dispose-off while hot with running tape water, and then wash the dishes / tubes / flasks.
  • If any media dish / flask / tube containing either type of microbial growth like bacteria / fungi (mold OR yeast) then empty the dish / flask / tube with the help of spatula into the SS container / glass beaker, firmly seal and place in to the autoclave chamber.
  • Autoclave the SS container / beaker containing contaminated medium which is to be discarded as per validated cycle.
  • After autoclaving, add 20 – 25 mL 37% formalin OR 5% Dettol and then dispose-off liquid medium while hot with running tape water.
  • Keep the empty petri dishes / flasks / tubes for 1 hour in 5% Dettol solution OR in liquid detergent solution, then wash them with tap water and for final rinsing rinse them with purified water.

  • Do not add 70% isopropyl alcohol to media that is to be autoclaved.
  • Do not touch surface of autoclave while it is in operation condition.
  • Always use heat resistant gloves while dealing with hot chamber and materials.
  • Always use sterile latex gloves and face mask.
  • Always add disinfectant solution after completion of autoclave process.



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