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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of filter Press

To lay down the procedure for the operation and cleaning of the filter press.

The operation and cleaning applies to the vertical filter press located in the liquids manufacturing area.

Operator: Responsible for operation and cleaning of the filter press and its accessories.
Supervisor: To ensure that the process is being followed without deviation.
Q.C. Executive: To verify that the cleaning process and certify the filter press for operation.


  • Check and make sure that all machine parts are cleaned.
  • Make sure that line clearance is done by IPQA.
  • Connect the inlet of the filter to the outlet of the mixing tank by nylon hose.
  • Pass the solution to be filtered in the filter press through the inlet pipe which is at the bottom.
  • The solution gets filtered by passing through the cellulose filter pad, mesh and plate in such a way that pressure will pump the solution to the top and the filtration will be from the top to bottom.
  • The filtered solution will be collected from the bottom outlet pipe.
  • The collected samples sent to QC for in process check (content and pH). After receipt of approval slip from QC it is taken for further process.

Cleaning of filter press and its accessories
  • Dismantle the filter pad, filter mesh, filter plate and bolt.
  • Remove the softened material from the dismantled accessories with nylon brushes and hot water.
  • Wash the dismantled parts with 0.1% soap solution and then rinse with DM Water.
  • Wipe entire parts with wet cloth and with dry cloth.
  • Collect the final rinse of washed water and send it to Quality Assurance for checking the presence of any residual moiety.
  • Assemble the dismantled accessories, after the approval of QA. Put the status label as “cleaned” with date and time.

SOP: Standard operating procedure.
IPQA: In-process quality assurance
QC: Quality control
QA: Quality assurance 
DM: Demineralized`


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