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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

To lay down a standard procedure for Rotary Bottle Washing machine.

This procedure applies to the operation and cleaning of Rotary Bottle Washing Machine located in the bottle washing area.

Operator: To operate machine and clean bottles as per procedure.
Supervisor: To ensure procedure is being followed.
QA Personnel: To verify and certify that the machine is ready for use.

  • Check and make sure that all machine parts are cleaned.
  • Make sure that the clearance is given by Quality Assurance Personnel before commencing the activity.
  • Fill detergent tank with water.
  • Make water connections of DM water between tank and machine.
  • Connect fresh water tank to water supply.
  • Ensure that all water connections are leak proof.
  • Connect power supply to the machine.
  • Switch on MCB of the main power supply and then machine main switch and MCB.
  • Switch on the heater in the hot detergent tank.
  • Start machine by depressing the MACHINE START push button.
  • Perform first wash with fresh water to be drained after use. Do the same with hot water and recirculate. Make final rinse with Demineralized water and recirculate.
  • After a single revolution remove bottles and transfer to bottle filling area through the SS tray.

DM : Demineralized
MCB : Machine Circuit Breaker
SS : Stainless Steel.


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