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SOP for Operation and Cleaning of De-Dusting & De-Burring Machine

To provide a procedure for the operation and cleaning of De-dusting and De-burring machine.

It is applicable to the operation and cleaning of all the De-dusting and De-burring machines located in the Production area.

Operator: To operate and clean the equipment as per this procedure.
Supervisor: To ensure that the SOP is followed.


  • Ensure that the machine is properly positioned at the discharge point of the Compression machine. (Do not start the Compression machine before the De- dusting and De-burring machine is switched on).
  • Start the De-dusting and De-burring machine by switching-on the toggle switch.
  • Run the machine at low speed vibration for short time.
  • Now select the required speed by adjusting regulating knob. (Rotate the knob of Regulator clockwise to increase vibration and vice versa).
  • Check and confirm that there is no abnormal sound.
  • After completion of task, stop the machine by pressing ‘Stop’ feather key.

  • Dismantle the machine for cleaning as follows: (Caution: Dismantling must be started only after the electric power supply to the machine is cut-off).
  1. De-lock the Bakelite knob and remove the acrylic top cover.
  2. Then remove the spacer, top container assembly, acrylic machine housing, T-rubber ring and perforated bottom tray in sequence.
  • Bottom container must not be removed for cleaning, as it cannot be cleaned with water due to the presence of magnetic coil and electrical connections in the housing below it, so as to avoid electrical short circuit or shock. The bottom container shall be de-dusted with Vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean the dismantled parts of the machine with raw water.
  • In case if the materials processed in the machine are not water soluble, then alcohol or other suitable solvents shall be used to clean the dismantled parts.
  • Allow the cleaned dismantled parts to dry. Re-assemble the machine parts following the reverse of sequence mentioned in above step.
Frequency of cleaning:
  • Clean the machine as mentioned in above steps, after every product change over and after three consecutive batches of the same product.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.



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