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SOP for Coding of Dispenser, Individual Cartons and Labels

To provide a procedure for the coding of dispensers, individual cartons and labels.

It is applicable to the coding activity in Packing Area.

Coder: To perform the coding activity as per this SOP.
Supervisor: To supervise the coding activity as per this SOP.
QC executive: To verify the correctness of the coding and approve or disapprove.
QA Manager: To ensure that the procedure is followed.

  • The coder shall record the details of coding activity in the Coding register as per Attachment-1: ‘Format of Coding register’.
  • The Supervisor shall set the coding machine for Batch number, Manufacturing date and Expiry date, and shall handover the coding machine to the concerned coder for initiating the coding activity.
  • The coder shall code three samples and call the Supervisor to check for the correctness and legibility of coding on the coding material.
  • The Supervisor shall check the coded material for legibility and correctness of coding. If satisfied, the Supervisor shall sign on the coded material and in the batch record.
  1. If the coding is in-correct, the Supervisor shall make necessary changes in coding machine setting for Batch number, Manufacturing date and Expiry date.
  2. If the coding in not legible, the coding machine shall be handed over to QA manager by the Supervisor for replacement. The QA manager shall discard the incoming coding machine to have proper control and issue the new coding machine to the Supervisor.
  • The QC executive shall also check the coding for correctness and legibility and sign on the coded material and Batch record, if satisfied with the legibility and correctness of the coding.
  • When coding activity is complete, the coder shall record the total quantity of dispensers, individual cartons or labels coded in the coding register. The rejected and excess coded material shall be handled as per SOP.

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure.
QC: Quality Control.
QA: Quality Assurance.


Attachment-1: Format of Coding Register


Name of Product

Pack size

Batch Number

Coding material

Manufacturing date

Expiry date

Performed by / date

Checked by / date








































































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