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SOP for Cleaning and Operation of Digifill Machine

To provide a cleaning and operating procedure for the Digifill machine

The procedure applies to operation cleaning of Digfill located in the liquids filling section.

Operator: To clean the machine thoroughly from previous product and operate the Machine.
Supervisor: To check the machine that it has been thoroughly cleaned.
Q.A. Personnel: To verify that the cleaning procedure has been done and to certify the machine for use.
Operating Procedure
  • Connect the pipe to the Holding Tank that contains the product.
  • Switch on the digifill and let out the first 5-10 drops of the product into a cleaned container to ensure that traces of alcohol are removed from the pipe
  • Set the intended fill volume on the digifill.
  • Inform QA personnel to verify cleaned status and to sample from spout.
  • Start the filling process after QA personnel approval.

Cleaning Procedure for product to product change over
  • Switch off the machine.
  • Remove the pipe from the Holding Tank and connect it to the water tap.
  • Switch on the machine and open the water tap to flow for 15 minutes to wash pipes and machine.
  • Dismantle the pipe from the water tap and the small pipe from the digifill.
  • Clean the digifill outside with a clean moist waster.
  • Connect the product pipe to the digifill and dip it in a bucket of hot water.
  • Circulate the hot water for 15 minutes.
  • After that rinse the pipes with 70% alcohol for 15 minutes.
  • Decant the alcohol from the pipes and dry them.

Cleaning for batch to batch change over
  • Update the status board with details.
  • Remove all previous product material from machine area.
  • Clean the machine with clean dry cloth.
  • Update the status board with details.


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