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SOP for Preparation of Microbial Plates

The objective of this SOP is to lay down a procedure for preparation of plates that can be used as settling plates and in various microbiological analysis.

The Microbiologist shall be responsible for preparation of settle plates, their pre-incubation and related documentation.

Executive - Quality Control

  • Media with the content of agar can be used for the preparation of settle plates like.
  1. Soyabean Casein Digest Agar (SCDA) - For enumerating Bacteria and Fungi (required for Environmental monitoring and Microbial limit tests.)
  2. Sabarauds Dextrose Agar (SDA) – For estimation of fungi. (Required for Microbial limit tests.)
  • Prepare media as per SOP.
  • Follow the gowning procedure and enter the M.L.T Room by following SOP.
  • Clean the LAF with 70% I.P.A and wait till drying.
  • Switch on LAF and UV lamp 15 min. before pouring the plates.
  • Open the containers containing sterile petri-dishes (That are previously sterilized by Autoclaving) and place on the working surface table of L.A.F.
  • Open the containers containing sterile petri-dishes and place them on the working table of LAF.
  • Take out the cotton plug of conical flask containing agar medium.
  • Sterilize the mouth of the conical flask by flaming it and start pouring about 20-25 ml of medium to each petri-dish quickly .
  • Cover the plates and keep under LAF, till they are solidified.
  • After getting solidified, preincubate the plates to the incubator at 30-35°C for 48 hrs to check any accidental contamination.
  • Check each and every plate under colony counter before exposure to the environment for monitoring.
  • Record the activity in Media preparation record.


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