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SOP for Cleaning of Return Air Risers Filter

What is a return air riser?
More precisely known as Return Air Riser, which are used to collect the return air in a specific manner to maintain a perfect laminar flow. Return air are manufactured in the factory as per the design requirement. They are constructed in GI/SS or anodized aluminum and then powder coated for better aesthetic looks.
To lay down a procedure for cleaning of return air riser filters.

This SOP is applicable for cleaning of return air riser filters.

Production Officers / Executive shall be responsible for follow the procedure mention in this SOP.

Production Head and QA Head shall be accountable for the compliance of SOP.

  • All the cleaning and sanitization activity shall be done after the completion of day’s work.
  • Remove one filter at a time from the polybags.
  • Wash the pre-filter with purified water from the downstream side of the filter.
  • Repeat washing 3-4 times till there are no remnants of the product in pre-filters.
  • visually inspect that there are no remnants of the product.
  • Dry the pre-filters using filtered compressed air.
  • Check the filters for any damage, if damage found inform immediately to Production officer or Engineer to change the filter.
  • After drying wrap individual filter in fresh poly bags.
  • Sanitize the outer surface of poly bags.
  • Mop the grills of the pre-filters & inside the ducts, by alternative wet and dry mopping using 70% IPA solution.
  • Transfer the cleaned filters to respective area.
  • Fix The Replaced Set of Pre-Filter in the Respective grill.
  • Frequency of Filter cleaning shall be once in a month and at the time of product change over.
  • Enter the cleaning record of pre-filters of return air raisers in return air raiser cleaning record as per Annexure-1.

Annexure – 1: Return Air Raiser Cleaning Record

SOP : Standard Operating Procedure.

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