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SOP for Operation and Calibration of Micropipette

To lay down a procedure for the operation and calibration of the micropipette.

Microbiologist / Q.C Executive

Head - Quality Control
For 0-200μl micropipette. (Carry out all the activities at a Temperature of 25°C)
  • Adjust the micropipette to 50μl by rotating the adjusting scale at a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
  • Insert the micro-tip tightly to the micropipette.
  • Pipette out in previously tared beaker on weighing balance and note the reading.
  • Carry out the procedure twice and note the weight displayed on the balance, calculate the mean and standard deviation of three readings and record it in the format as given in annexure-I.
  • The weight per ml of water at 25°C when the weight in air is 0.99602 g. Divide the mean with weight per ml to get the volume dispensed.
  • Carry out a similar procedure by setting the micropipette to 100µl and 200µl.

For 200µl to 1000µl micropipette
  • Repeat the same procedure as above by setting 200, 500 & 1000µl quantities.
  • Note the observations in the format given in Annexure-I

Acceptance Criteria
  • The standard deviation between the three readings should not be more than 1%.
  • The volume dispensed should not vary by more than 1% of the set volume.

Frequency of Calibration: Quarterly

Annexure - 1: Format for Calibration of Micropipette


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