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SOP for Culture Media Preparation for Microbial Test

To lay down a procedure for preparing of media for microbiological tests.

Microbiologist / Q.C Executive.

Head - Quality Control

  • Before employing any dehydrated media for analysis ensure that the growth promotion test has been performed for that particular batch or lot or any new media procured.
  • Media for Microbiological testing should be prepared as per requirements.
  • For preparing any culture media (Solid or Liquid) take properly cleaned glass container of different volumes as per requirement.
  • Select the glass container such that the medium volume be prepared, is half of its capacity.
  • Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer for preparing the culture media (Name of the MFR).
  • Weigh the media powder as mentioned on the label of the container and Annexure II. Reconstitute with distilled water and mix the powder stirring with glass rod.
  • Warm the powder mixed distilled water, if required, to dissolve the powder Completely & check the pH of the solution with the help of pH indicator strips.
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  • Plug the mouth of the container by non-absorbent cotton and wrap butter paper / Aluminium Foil to prevent any Contamination and label.
  • Boil or sterilize the media at 121°C for 20 min, as per manufacturer instruction and check the pH after sterilization.
  • After completion of all the above procedures label each media containers with media name, media lot no. date of preparation, and Use before date on the container . Pre-incubation must be done at 30-35°C for at least 48 hrs before taken for use. In case if the medium is required to be use immediately, keep appropriate negative and positive control to ensure the proper sterilization and fertility of the medium.
  • Record the media preparation and pre-incubation details in Media preparation record as mentioned in Annexure I.
  • Prepared media can be used within 1 month period if properly sealed and stored at temperature < 25°C.
  • Whenever new bottle is opened write the date of opening, Date of growth promotion test and signature on the bottle.

Annexure – I

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