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SOP for Preventive Maintenance for Screw Capping Machine

To ensure operational qualification and performance qualification are achieved.

This SOP provides the guide for maintenance and operations for quality of machine out put.

Maintenance Department: responsible for yearly maintenance work and rectifying and anomalies (long term maintenance).
Operators: for carrying out daily routine checks and reporting to maintenance for any observations which can affect machine performance.
Production manager/supervisor: For facilitating the availability of machine for maintenance in due time.

Routine maintenance daily/weekly
  • Check the following prior to operating the machine.
  • When machine is on ensure that power display is circulated on HMMI.
  • The vibrator is functioning.
  • The conveyor is moving in the right direction
  • The start selectors are free.

Yearly maintenance
  • Change gear box oil.
  • Remove all grease from sprocket, chain and Brags, and replace with new grease
  • Check and tighten bolts and nuts.
  • Check electrical circuit connections, motor terminals and block terminal.
  • Check VFD performance
  • Check condition of electrical wires replace is need arises.
  • Check the vibrator efficiency, adjust replace coils if need arises.

  • Always ensure the guards are closing properly.
  • Check all status functions are operational and responsive.
  • Always ensure the accuracy and adjustments of various pests of the system are correct.
  • Always review safety as reminder of the hazards which may be present when working with equipment and supplies as these is no exception to the sale that the “safe way is the right way”.

HMMI: Human Man Machine Interface


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