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SOP for Preventive Maintenance for Double Head Powder Filling Machine

To ensure operational qualification and performance qualification are achieved.
To reduce down time.

General maintenance for long intervals (years/quarterly, and second intervals weekly/safety.

Maintenance Department: for carrying out long interval maintenance.
Operators: Responsible for short interval maintenance.
Production manager/supervisor: For making machine to be available for maintenance as per schedule.

Routine maintenance daily/weekly
  • Check the following prior to operating the machine.
  • Air system is available and at the right pressure.
  • Check the performance display on machine interface
  • Check angles rotation and that it is not touching funnel.
  • Check all sensors are functioning
  • Check for conveyor free movement.
Long interval maintenance
  • Check gear box oil condition then replace it.
  • Check and tighten bolts and nuts
  • Check belts/brags, replace if needed
  • Check electrical circuit connections and terminals, for wave or burnt off, replace if necessary.
  • Check pneumatic system, for SV openings and closing, pressure switch set limits, pressure gauge accuracy, and check the condition of FRL unit.

  • Always ensure the guards are closing properly.
  • Check all status functions are operational and responsive.
  • Always ensure the accuracy and adjustments of various pests of the system are correct.
  • Always review safety as reminder of the hazards which may be present when working with equipment and supplies as these is no exception to the sale that the “safe way is the right way”.

VFD: Variable Frequency Drive
SV: Solenoid Value
FRL: Flow regulatory and lubrications unit


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